Our vehicles are assembled under the best quality standards

In order to ensure long lasting life of the body and to guarantee high levels of reliability:


Highly resistant aluminum alloys are being used to manufacture the critical structure of the bodies.


Redundant elements are introduced in critical systems in order to prevent downtime.

Calidad Carrocerias Maser


Hydraulic technology provides sturdiness and reliability to the loading and unloading processes.


Top notch brand parts are being assembled in the hydraulic and electrical systems.


All our projects start with a basic design, which is properly enhanced with different options according to our customer requests.


  • Position of internal corridor: centre, lateral, two corridors
  • Number of floors and height per floor
  • Number of floor compartments
  • Lateral blinds
  • Water supply
  • Artificial ventilation system
  • Elevator with remote control


All our bodies meet the requirements of REGULATION (CE) 1/2005 on animal welfare.


Our maintenance service is deliverd by expert personnel with many years of experience in the sector, which allows to promptly perform the works with the highest standards of quality.